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Requirements for children, youth and vulnerable adult (CYV) ministry volunteer

Counselling: Try to limit counsel to that of a spiritual context. Refer to professional counsellor if CYV wishes to discuss abuse, mental health or addiction issues.
• Generally leaders should only counsel CYV that are the same gender as they are
• Meet CYV in highly visible areas while keeping confidentiality in mind
• Avoid asking questions of extremely intimate nature

Discipline: Limited to non-physical forms of correction and restrictions.
• No corporal punishment (spanking, forcible confinement)
• Physical enforcement or removal of a CYV is only used in order to protect others involved
• If necessary engage other volunteers to help remove offending youth from group situations

Driving: When transporting CYV during FBC ministry events, drivers should supply FBC with:
• Their current driver’s abstract
• A copy of the insurance from their personal vehicles used to transport youth

Criminal Records Check (CRC): Criminal record checks are to be performed on all volunteers involved on a regular basis and/or overnight trips run by FBC.
• Criminal record checks are free for volunteers
• CRCs can be done with a form provided by FBC or online.
Guidelines for children,youth and vulnerable adults (CYV) ministry volunteers:

Appropriate Behaviour: Leaders are held to a higher standard of ethics and behaviour then CYV.
• Try to show an equal level of affection and kindness to all
• Do not engage in or allow sexual jokes or behave in any way that promotes sexual exploitation
• Be fair, consistent and state clear consequences for inappropriate behavior
• Examples of possible appropriate/ inappropriate physical contact with CYV
o Appropriate: Affirmation through pat on hand, shoulder or back, side hugs
o Inappropriate: extended hugs, piggy backs, having someone sit on your lap, touching anyone in a place normally covered by a bathing suit

Punctuality: Leaders should make their best effort to attend their ministry events as well as arrive at planned times to allow time for orientation or preparedness.

Volunteer Dismissal: At any time a volunteer may be dismissed from volunteering or the volunteer application process for the following but not limited to: violence or excessive aggression; dishonesty or malicious intent; illegal substance use, possession or endorsement

Incident Reporting: If a major incident happens during a ministry event (injury, reporting of an abuse, etc.), an incident report form (located in the church office) should be read and possibly filled out.
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Next Steps:
1) Submit this form
2) Fill out a Criminal Record Check form
     a) to fill it out online, follow this link and enter the code G6HLQ4SYPW
     b) grab a form from the office and drop it off at the RCMP office on Victoria St.
         (remember to bring ID).
3) Arrange a time to meet with the ministry staff for a short interview
4) We know it's kind of a hassle, so thanks for doing all this!!


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